What does VisualEyes Health actually do?

We help you heal...YOU can heal YOU.


By devising a health plan independent to only you.

But you don't know me.

True.  However, the pictures you take of your eyes, and the short health survey you fill out will tell us a great deal about you and your family genetics.

Eyes are just eyes, aren't they?

No. No 2 eyes are alike. In fact, even your own 2 eyes are very different from one another.

What are you looking for in my eyes?

First, your overall eye color.  Then, the closeness of the individual fibers.  And, the different pigments in the eye, and where they are located. Any unique markings or patterns. Also, your pupil and its shape.  

What does all this information tell you?

A lot about your genetic history.  From this, we can inform you of certain inherent strengths in your body, as well as potentially weaker areas.

How is this possible from the eye?

The eye is a physical extension of your brain. Tiny vascularized fibers run from the eye to the optic nerve, to the brain and across the optic chiasm, then down your spinal cord.  When things happen within your body, nerve impulses are sent to the spinal cord back to the brain where they manifest themselves on the iris of the eye.

So, you mean that saying that you often hear, "the eyes are the windows to the soul" actually has some true meaning?

It does.  Our Creator actually gave us an easy way to keep track of our health.

How come my doctor never told me about this?

Most medical doctors don't study natural healing methods.  They are primarily schooled on drugs and surgical procedures.

Are you a doctor?

No. I am trained as a certified comprehensive iridologist, a natural health consultant, nutritional healer, writer, speaker and educator.

Do those things make you qualified to guide me to better health?

My personal mission is to help people realize their own ability to heal themselves. I just provide some guidelines and tools.  YOUR body, YOUR choices.


What is iridology and what will it do for me?

Great question! Iridology is the study of the iris of the eye.  Our irises are a culmination of our previous 3 generations (so these 14 people ... parents, grandparents and great-grandparents).  These people are responsible for our inherited genetics.   Whatever health strengths and challenges they may have encountered prior to conception of the next generation, are represented in your iris in the form of a marking or pigmentation.

Every anatomical part of your body (inside and out) is expressed in the iris.   Through iridology, you're able to use your power to start healing your body by knowing what areas are genetically strong and which may benefit from some attention and nurturing.  The information provided with this "Heal-Thy Self" Healing Assessment will give you some simple, practical answers to start the healing process. 


How do I take pictures of my eyes?

You may find that having someone else take iris photos for you may yield better results.

Set your camera to its MACRO setting (the iPhone works very well, preferably 4S or later).  Attempt to use natural lighting with a a flash.  Set the photo size for the highest resolution (i.e.. 1024 x 768).  Be sure the entire iris is visible and in focus (open real wide).  Confirm there are no extra reflections or glares in picture.  Take 3 clear and magnified digital photographs of each eye.

How will I know if my pictures are good enough to assess?

Be sure the entire color portion of the iris (full circle) is in the picture.  If this proves difficult, gently use thumb and forefinger to move skin away from the eye while photographing.  Try to avoid glare or flash marks (glare is "ok" if its within the black pupil).  And be careful of "red eye" as this could skew the analysis.  And finally, the clearer and more in focus the pictures are, the more intricate and detailed the results will be.  


What will the healing assessment look like?

Click here to view a partial sample of a "Heal-Thy Self" Healing Assessment.


What can looking at my eyes tell you?

Actually, quite a lot can be revealed by analyzing the eyes.  To start, you may be surprised at the amount of information derived just from simply confirming the eye color.  Are you prone to arthritis, lymphatic congestion, colds and flus, blocked sinuses or allergies.  Or perhaps you are more susceptible to blood anomalies like blood pressure or liver / kidney challenges.  Fiber structure will help determine tissue integrity of the body and nutritional imbalances.


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Below is a book written by my dad, Walter Merrill.  

This is the true story of a man, who fought the odds and the medical community to win his battle over the very debilitating disease of arthritis.  In his own words, the author tells about his journey and the trails and tribulations that eventually resulted in him resuming a normal life.  He's even playing golf again at 75 years old.  "Arthritis:  How I Conquered It" is a must read for anyone experiencing joint pain.  Pain is NOT a natural part of aging; it can be reversed.  He did it, so can you.