Your body can heal itself if you give it what it wants.
What does it want?
Good nutrition and a detoxed body.
— Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez interviewed by Suzanne Somers

You may ask...why would I even want a "Heal-Thy Self" Healing Assessment?

So you can learn something about healing your own body.  Your genetics don't lie.

How does it work?

After we receive your health assessment (which is automatically emailed to us when you purchase the assessment) and you've emailed your iris photos to us, we will analyze your pictures for fiber structure, pigmentations, various markings, etc.  This information is compiled into a report which we, in turn email back to you.  Based on these findings, we will give you nutritional and lifestyle suggestions geared towards helping you improve your overall health and wellbeing.

How can you tell this information from my eyes?

Each of your eyes are made up of about 14,000 individual vascularized fibers that bundle in the optic nerve, which is a physical extension of your brain.  Centuries of research have shown that these fibers represent different areas of the body and the energy (or lack of) stored there.  Iris analysis tells us a lot about the amount and the quality of the energy in a particular organ system.

Can you give an example?

Of course.  Let's say that "Gigi" has a marking in the heart reaction field of her left iris.  That would mean that someone within her last 3 generations (her parents, grandparents or great-grandparents) likely experienced some heart or circulatory weakness.  Gigi has inherited the tendency to repeat this occurrence.  Knowing this information alone, is very powerful for Gigi.  She now knows that she needs to take steps to keep her heart as strong as possible.  

So, from a nutritional standpoint, we would suggest a specific way of eating that will help strengthen her heart and circulatory system.  Also, various sleep and exercise habits will be explored and recommended.  Additionally, there would be lifestyle and wellbeing advise offered in order to keep Gigi and her family as illness-free as possible. 

What then?

Then it'll be up to you.  Take it one step at a time and work towards feeling optimally great ... all the time!!

What if I want a follow-up with you?

Contact us directly and we will arrange that.  VisualEyes Health is here to see you through this.  YOU can heal YOU.

Do you have a question?   Send it to us below.

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How to obtain a "Heal-Thy Self" Healing Assessment


VisualEyes Health uses iridology, sclerology and facial diagnostics to help determine steps for you to follow in order to heal your body.  The body possesses the powerful innate ability to heal itself.  But it needs YOU to guide it.  And there is nobody better qualified to heal your body than you are.  All we do is give you the tools to make that happen more seamlessly.   


Here's how to order your assessment:

1. Click on this link:   "Heal-Thy Self Healing" Assessment.  Then click just below the picture.

2. Purchase your assessment.

3. Fill out the attached quick questionnaire (it will be emailed to us automatically).

4. Take your iris photos.

5. Email the photos to

6. Receive your "Heal-Thy Self" Healing assessment emailed to you within 72 hours.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.
— Albert Einstein

Wendy has served on IIPA's Board of Directors since 2012


One of the most common words used to describe Wendy is “passionate”, though those close to her more fondly refer to her as the “health nut.”  She’s always had a tendency to dive head first into things that interest her.  But with holistic nutrition and iridology, she’s taken her enthusiasm to a more profound level.  She completed her Masters in Holistic Nutritional Sciences from the Clayton College of Natural Health (and is currently working towards her PhD in Natural Health), and earned her Certified Comprehensive Iridologist status from the International Iridology Practitioners Association apprenticed via the highly esteemed Bernard Jensen International (specifically, studying under the world-renowned Dr. Ellen Tart-Jensen).


Wendy’s entrance into the natural health world was somewhat unconventional.  Unlike many, she didn’t personally experience poor health leading her down the path to more natural therapies.  Instead, she watched several people close to her, from youngsters to the more elder, suffer terribly through destructive courses of prescription drugs, mutilating surgeries and at times sub-par if not arguably crude advice from more conventional types of medicine.  These unfortunate circumstances ignited a fire in her that still burns, along with an uncontrollable thirst for knowledge and information that seems insatiable.  Her long-term vision is to integrate natural health, iridology and sports nutrition, particularly in the lives of young athletes and their relationship with the professional sporting world.


Previously, Wendy co-founded and co-owned a successful international travel agency and a hospitality consulting firm.  In addition, she has been the General Manager of numerous restaurants in the New England area.  With Wendy’s many years of education in business management and consulting, nutritional physiology, and more recently iridology, she now has the ability, through her company VisualEyes Health (, to work with clients worldwide helping them uncover and discover the true causes of their imbalances.  Additionally, Wendy recently became a contributing writer for the Citizen Journalism team, where she submits articles for publication that receive worldwide exposure on nutritional issues and natural health living.